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Performance marked with power and precision.


Performance marked with power and precision.

CLAAS transplanters | PADDY PANTHER 26. How you benefit.


Rice is the main staple food for over 1.2 billion Indians and it is grown in more than 44.2 million hectares throughout India. The challenge is to increase rice production on the available cultivable land to feed the ever increasing population. In addition, the decreasing availability of farm labor due to industrialization and urbanization is a large obstacle to increase productivity and improve quality. Finding labor for transplanting during the peak season and when the water resources for land preparation are available has become a cumbersome job for every individual farmer.

PADDY PANTHER 26 is the answer to all of these challenges involved in rice farming in India. Specifically, the labor shortage problem can be solved with the concept of Custom Hiring Centers or Agro Service Centers in which one individual person or organization keeps the machine and does transplanting for small and medium scale farmers on pre agreed charges. For such commercial operations you need a machine which is capable of transplanting 6-8 acres in each day for better return on investment.

PADDY PANTHER 26 revolutionizes the commercial transplanting requirement of custom hiring centers, entrepreneurs and larger scale paddy farmers. Under optimum operational efficiency it can transplant 7-8 acres in one day with transplanting of maximum 27 hills/m2.

Benefits of mechanical transplanting with transplanter.

  1. Independence from labor helps in timely transplanting during peak season.
  2. Young and medium age seedlings recovers fast and tiller vigorously.
  3. Effective & better tillering ensures uniform maturity and healthy crop.
  4. More plant population.
  5. Uniform spacing between the plants helps in smooth wind flow, provides equal sunlight for each plant and ensures less chances of diseases.
  6. Easy and effective weed control.
  7. Low mortality rate from root damage and/or floating seedlings.
  8. Lower water requirement for field preparation than the manual transplanting.
  9. Higher productivity, increased farmer income.

Benefits of Mechanical Transplanting with PADDY PANTHER 26.

  1. Cost effective & efficient transplanting solution for commercial transplanting.
  2. Transplanting of young & medium seedlings at optimal age (15-20 days).
  3. Precise control over plant population and hill spacing according to variety of rice.
  4. Maximum 27 hills/m2. and 2-11 plants/hill can be transplanted.
  5. Higher productivity, increased farmer income.